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The Voice Of The Activist: Kashish – “Cycles”

  • July 16, 2017
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The Voice Of The Activist:  Kashish – “Cycles”
Photo Credit: Gina Garcia



Stronger Together

Kashish is a tremendous R&B singer/songwriter/activist from Philadelphia that has one of the greatest voices I’ve ever heard, and she is not afraid to speak up for what she believes, even if it could hurt her career.  “Stronger Together”, her previous single, premiered on MissMuslim, a publication dedicated to breaking stigmas around Muslim men and women.  All proceeds for the download of “Stronger Together” are going to the ACLU.  This is one artist who lives what she preaches.  The greatest thing is that her voice and music are so wonderful, people will listen to her and learn to live together.  And that is so tremendous.

‘”CYCLES ” is about recognizing a toxic relationship and building up the courage to end it,’ shares Kashish.  ‘I think many people can relate to the idea of knowing that something is bad for you, but still feeling the need to engage with that negative aspect of their life.  I want people to know that it is okay to have these feelings, but it just as important to let go and grow from these experiences.’

Kashish has this voice that goes straight to your soul.  Remember this name; she is going to be up there with Beyonce and Aretha one day.

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