The 10 Best Albums of 2022

Rock and pop shined triumphantly as multilingual music became more mainstream, personalisation came to the forefront, TikTok acted as a career launchpad, short videos gained power, and further blending of genres exploded! It’s a great time to be an active listener … Continue Reading

25 Best Albums Of 2016 | AudioFuzz

2016 was a spectacular and sad year for music. We saw/heard the beautiful wrath of Beyonce’s Lemonade, fell into Radiohead’s moon-shaped pool, said goodbye to David Bowie and Prince–two of the most legendary musical icons ever, grooved to the sounds … Continue Reading

The 2014 Grammy’s: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

When it comes to the Grammy’s good years have been few and far between. However, 2014 proved to be their strongest year yet with some of the most incredible live acts taking the stage for what may have been the … Continue Reading

Eli “Paperboy” Reed Gets Beyoncé’s Stamp Of Approval

Eli “Paperboy” Reed (the guy that re-made Beyoncé’s “Love On Top”) creates a funki-fied/R&B classic with “WooHoo.” There’s a monstrous sound about this track that’s literally earth shattering and will get your feet and hips moving almost instantaneously. No wonder … Continue Reading