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True Punk Rock: The Split Seconds – “If I Was You”

  • July 27, 2016
  • 1 min read

The Split Seconds3

The Split Seconds

“If I Was You”

The Split Seconds

THE BEST NEW PUNK BAND.  I thought punk died in 1984.  The Split Seconds have proved me wrong.  With a sound like The Damned (“New Rose” anyone?), the Buzzcocks, and Generation X with a little Vibrators and Radiators From Space, The Split Seconds have renewed my faith in punk.  I LOVE THIS BAND.  Founded by former Coastals and Boardroom Heroes guitarist Drew Champion in 2015, The Split Seconds were rounded out by Sean Peterson (drums/vocals), Alex Massi (guitar/vocals) and Tristan Sahwell (bass). This foursome kicks ass so much.  They make me feel young.  Guys, let’s get the old band back together.

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