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True Vamipirism: Lana Blac – “I’ll Suck You In”

  • June 17, 2018
  • 1 min read
True Vamipirism:  Lana Blac – “I’ll Suck You In”

Lana Blac

“Suck You In”

Can there be anything more fun (and terrifying) than vampirism, with all its sexual tension and the whole idea the play of dominance and submission?  Of course not, which is why so much has been written, performed, and sung about vampires.  No one though, not even Concrete Blonde, quite gets the vampire bit down like Lana Blac.  I wouldn’t be surprised if NY-based Blac is one of the unholy.  Her video is certainly a fitting tribute to the great vampire movies and TV shows of the past.  

Lana Blac began writing for this project in 2013 and after 5 years she has crafted the perfect sound for her style. Teaming up with Tim McMurtrie of TripSquad Productionz (original guitarist of NYHC band M.O.D.) and Eric Rachel of Trax East and has recorded an album of dark and heavy tracks which are set to be released in later in 2018. Follow Lana’s social media to stay up to date with her upcoming projects.

This is great, beautiful, frightening music.  Enjoy the thrills.  “A place where Angels and Demons/play with your mind”

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