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Utmost In Coolness: Jonathan Bree – “You’re So Cool”

  • September 22, 2017
  • 1 min read
Utmost In Coolness:  Jonathan Bree – “You’re So Cool”

Jonathan Bree

“You’re So Cool”

Amazing.  This song is one of the greatest, hippest, oddest, (I hate to say this) coolest song I’ve heard, and the video is so unbelievably freaky and groovy at the same time.  Bree has been around for a while, making extremely hip and interesting music.  One time leader of the Brunettes and Lil Chief Records, Bree is also well-know as a producer in his native New Zealand.  This song is pure pop magic, almost a trip back to the Space-Age 60’s bachelor pad music of Esquivel, but actually much cooler.  I can see the B-52’s doing this song.

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Phil King

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  • Woooow!
    Being Mexican daughter of someone devoted to Esquivel’s music and as a child fan of his latest work (he also composed for kids) ….I was very surprised to read your review and the comparison you make.
    Bree’s song is absolutely way beyond cool…..perturbing & amazing. Loved it since I heard the very first chords. Thank you for such a great and interesting review!

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