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Vignettes To Music: Andrew Keoghan – Stuck In Melodies (Feat. Claire Duncan)

  • January 9, 2016
  • 1 min read

andrew keoghan

Andrew Keoghan

“Stuck In Melodies (Feat. Claire Duncan)

Every Orchid Offering

It is fitting that artists like Andrew Keoghan are showing their Bowie influence, even though Keoghan is certainly not an imitator.  He is very original, in that genreless type the Bowie is well known for.  This is beautiful, thoughtful music. And Keoghan’s voice intertwine so perfectly with Claire Duncan to make this song heavenly.  Predominantly written during a two-month period of isolation on a stormy, black sand beach in his homeland, it’s a collection of 10 songs that seek to make sense of a peripatetic existence between New Zealand and New York, where Keoghan relocated in 2013.  In many ways it’s a series of vignettes and short stories, some autobiographical, others imagined, but always very personal.  This is one of the many moments that draw me into the world of Keoghan; this beautiful world of vignettes.  I like to play the game “which is autobiographical; which is imagination?” while listening to Keoghan.  Again, he reminds me of the works of Murakami.  Where does reality end and fantasy begin?  That is Keoghan’s eternal question.

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