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Watch Out: Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – “Jesus Alone”

  • September 3, 2016
  • 1 min read
tod oldham
tod oldham

Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds

“Jesus Alone”

Skeleton Key

Nick Cave is definitely one of the greatest singer/songwriters up there with PJ Harvey and Leonard Cohen.  On “Jesus Alone”, Nick scores again with one of his most beautiful yet disturbing song ever.  Cave is one of the darkest songwriters ever, and his voice has always sounded like years of smoking and whisky and hard living, which has always fit his material.  It is so wonderful that Cave and The Bad Seeds can still rock out.  Never get happy, Nick.  We need you to ground us.  Cave is on tour right now with The Bad Seeds, and the new album, Skeleton Key, drops September 6th.

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