Beautiful Country Songster: Leanne Weiss – “Momentum”

Leanne Weiss

Leanne Weiss



For some reason, some of the best music being released right now is coming from these great female country/pop singer/songwriters, and Leanne Weiss is one of the best.  I love this trend.  I love good, honest country pop without the sugary coating; just straight honest music.  Weiss delivers, and what a voice:  her voice is crystal clear.  No autotuning here.  Born and raised in Northern New Jersey, this singer-songwriter began singing at a young age.  She has that clear voice of the likes of Trisha Yearwood and Faith Hill, and she can write one heck of a great song.  Hey world, get ready for Weiss.  Her beautiful smile, her great voice, her wonderful songwriting ability are going to set you on fire.

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