Folk Harmonies At Their Best: Echo Bloom – “Leaving Charleston”


Echo Bloom

“Leaving Charleston”


Echo Bloom was originally formed in 2009 (formerly Rosemont Family Reunion), headed by lead vocalist/guitarist/songwriter Kyle Evans. Red is the second of a three-album series, the first being Blue (orchestral folk) and the third to be titled Green (classic pop).  Red is a classic folk album in the style of Bob Dylan or Wilco, very catchy, toe-tappin’, down home music.  I love the sound.  And Evans voice so crisp and clear, harmonizing perfectly with the back-up singers.  This is bright, sunny music to listen to on those cold winter nights.  They even have a slight Mumford & Sons sound to the harmonies.  On the whole, this is a great song, a great idea, a great record.

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