Politically Charged: Twilight Fields – “Demagogue”

Twilight Fields “Demagogue” Song From The Age Of Ruin What a hard hitting song.  When we keep silent about the abuses of a demagogue, we become that demagogue, and we are just as guilty.  Twilight Fields is a tremendous singer/songwriter.  … Continue Reading

New Urban Protest: Paula Boggs Band – “Get Together”

Paula Boggs Band “Get Together” Songs Of Protest Finally, someone who’s been there in the trenches and gets it.  Songs of Protest is Paula Boggs and her band’s answer to the state our country is in.  What a beautiful album. … Continue Reading

Just Another Night: Majorleans – “Sunrise Mary”

The Majorleans “Sunrise Mary” Carouser’s End The Majorleans was founded by vocalist/guitarist,  Nicky Francis, who joined forces with Liverpool born, NYC resident guitarist/producer Chris Buckle (The Picture, Ocean Carolina). Francis is also the central figure in ambient, hip/hop project, Gold … Continue Reading

Alt-Country At Its Finest: Violet Delancey – “She Ain’t Goin’ Nowhere”

Violet Delancey “She Ain’t Goin’ Nowhere” When The Clock Strikes Midnight Following in the tradition of Gram Parsons comes Violet Delancey.  She is the real thing, folks.  Even though she comes from Southern California, she sounds like she’s from the … Continue Reading