Gospel for Pagans: Whitney Myer – “Lights”

Whitney Myer

Whitney Myer


WOW, the new single by Whitney Myer is ‘unboleivable’, as Nat from communitychannel would say.  You have a voice like Lana del Rey’s at her best, with the soulful attitude about Amy Winehouse.  Amazing, this woman.  She was on Season Two of the Voice, where she just blew the crew away with her gospel tinged voice.  It does sound like Lana and Amy went to church with Aretha, and came back fully charged up to use their gospel for secular world.  About her new single, Lights!, Myer puts it like this:

It’s a visceral yet weightless ballad, about, as Myer puts it, ‘astral traveling, and while in astral travel, meeting someone there and falling in love with them in that space; never actually meeting them in the flesh, but in the spiritual/metaphysical world only.’ “

Lights! also reminds me of early Debbie Harry.  When Myer hits those high notes, wow, shiver time.  This is pagan gospel for today.

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