Great Post Prog: Turning Virtue – “Transcend”

turning virtue

Turning Virtue


A Temporary Human Experience

If you love Jethro Tull (and I am a huge fan), or King Crimson (with Belew and Fripp), you will love Turning Virtue.  The soaring guitar riffs remind me so much of Martin Barre, and that is good thing, while NOT sounding like carbon copies of anyone.  Hailing from Buffalo, NY, Turning Virtue is comprised of core members David Karczewski (vocals, guitar), DPA (bass) and Carl Cino (guitars). The project began in 1990, when Karczewski and DPA sought to write and perform music influenced by their musical heroes YES, Rush, and Genesis. Though undergoing a number of lineup changes and hiatuses along the way, Turning Virtue experienced a rebirth with the addition of Cino in 2004 and again in 2011, when Mark Zonder joined behind the drumkit.  This is a post prog band that will be making waves, and really, they should have been all along.  With a new generation rediscovering the beauty of progressive rock, Turning Virtue will be at the top of the ranks.  I really love this band.  Thanks guys.

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