Great Screamo: onlynowIseethelight – “High Standards”


“High Standards”


What a great screamo band.  Sense of humor, those wonderful throat-ripping vocals, killer guitar riffs, great lyrics; onlynowiseethelight has it all.  Coming from all over the the US, onlynowiseethelight is comprised of Gabe: Guitar, Vocals, Bass; Niklas: Drums; and Zach: Songwriting.  Together, they have formed a band that kick ass, and any band that quotes Mr. Castanza’s gripe about Festivus, is going to peak my interest.  I love this band.


If you knew the epitome of everything, I would’t anywhere remotely come close to it, you can take me anywhere ad i will never be home, glory hole you look into, you saw it but you ever saw it through, the pieces in my mind rearranged but I wonder if my outcome was still the same, live everyday by day, finding a new way to be mentally hanged you left and I stayed

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