HEAR: Borgore – “School Daze”

Well it’s starting to feel like summer and this latest track from Borgore helps keep the spirits up for the coming end of the “school days”.. See what I did there?

While the song is reminiscent of being in a classroom it is most definitely a song to celebrate the exact opposite! Get outdoors and grab a cold drink. Stay in the sun and dance your ass off to this awesome (and soon to be charting) summer jam! Once those drums kick in you won’t be able to help yourself!

Borgore is the infamous moniker of Tel Aviv-born producer and provocateur Asaf Borger. Throughout the years, Borgore has shattered barriers between genres, blurring the lines between electro house, trap and dubstep to create his signature sound. The founder of Buygore Records, last year saw the release of his first full-length album #NEWGOREORDER

There are some great remixes of the track on the Spotify page!


– Kevin Charles Ross

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