Love Is Worth It: Zach Vinson – “Better Man”

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Zach Vinson

“Better Man”

And Yet

What a great song, tremendously deep and really unusual.  While most love songs fall into two categories:  1. falling in love and 2. surviving the break-up; few songs describe that state in between when you’re in love and are hanging in there when, sometimes, it seems easier to throw in the town.  And no one has charted that territory nearly as well as Zach Vinson does in “Better Man”.  It helps that is song writing is so succinct and his voice is absolutely honest and beautiful.  As Vinson himself says:

We all love the feeling of falling for somebody, and we can identify with the pain of a good break-up song,” Vinson says, “but we don’t talk much about what happens in-between. To me, there’s tremendous beauty and nuance in the fight to stay with the one you’ve got, to recognize the mystery of someone you thought you had all figured out.”

This is beautiful music for those in a relationship who want to improve upon it, simply because they realize that love is worth the work.

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