Michael Immaculate: Hip-Hop Has A New Hero

michael immaculate, right of passage, hip-hop

When we hear new hip-hop over here we’re always skeptical on how it will sound considering the plethora of hip-hop artists out there. However, Michael Immaculate really changes the game on Right of Passage.

Immaculate’s shows off his seasoned rap skills and couples that with incredible layered, synth landscapes that make you feel like your traveling to a disparate cosmos. Similarly, musically, Immaculate combines the raunchy, self-assured pop of early Prince with the humor and lyrical flow of the Beastie Boys, and the autobiographical, story-weaving lyrics of Bruce Springsteen (and even gives us a stunning re-make of “Dancing In The Dark”).

The 11 tracks on this record give new meaning to hip-hop and express the ever changing landscape of hip-hop. Immaculate borrows from classic rock, new wave, pop, and hip-hop greats but makes it a cohesive and unique listening experience. Do yourself a favor and go listen to Right of Passage on iTunes today.

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  1. Thank you so much for the review and kind words! My new album “Right of Passage” is now available on Apple Music/iTunes/Spotify/Google Play/Amazon/CD Baby! The physical CD version is on CD Baby. (http://www.cdbaby.com/m/cd/michaelimmaculate) It includes silver-knockout and artwork that my heart and soul went into! It is also $1 less than the full digital download price, ALL for you! Thank you for your support everyone!

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