Shy Melancholia: One’s A Crowd – “If I Go Away”

One’s A Crowd

“If I Go Away”

Writing Infinity

Seth Flynn, recording as One’s A Crowd, does not record happy music, hence the name One’s A Crowd, but he does record beautiful music.  From Virginia, One’s A Crowd new album is the type of music you listen to when you feel just a little too happy.  As Flynn writes:

This album is the melancholic moon you have been waiting on for three years. You can feel the cat hair in the recordings because cat hair is everywhere.

I love the cat hair all over is recording.  I love the fact that Flynn says to listen to this record through headphones because it is shy.  It is a shy album, but not because it isn’t beautiful, but because Flynn is pouring his heart out.  Flynn played all the instruments and sang all the vocals, “without auto-tune”, which makes the album more beautiful and more immediate.  Get to know Seth Flynn.  This is a great record.

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