Tribute to Syd: So Many Wizards – “Sic Boys”

Photo Credit : James Juarez

So Many Wizards

“Sic Boys”

Heavy Vision

What started out as a bedroom project for Nima Kazerouni to make a tribute to Syd Barrett became a full band. The band is rounded out by drummer Erik Felix, who has been a member of the band for all but the first EP, bassist Devin Ratliff and guitarist Tomemitsu. The album begins with Kazerouni’s newfound perspective on “Sic Boys.” Tranquil, opening chords are pushed along by building drums and skittering cymbals; vocals are panned to give the impression of Kazerouni speaking to himself. “I don’t care if I drown in there, I don’t care if I get swept out to sea… nothing to lose,” he sings.  There is something beautiful and deep in So Many Wizards’ music.  Sometimes, you can hear Syd saying, “Guys, you got it right. This is truly IT.”  So Many Wizards is weird, poignant, beautiful, worth the listen, and more than a little psychedelic.  I have been listening to this album for a week steady, and it just keeps getting better.  Bravo.

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