Weirdness Is Love: Telyscopes – “I Wanna Cut You Open”


“I Wanna Cut You Open”

Mata Mata

My favorite weird Philadelphia band is back with a vengeance, and they have released the best (if not sickest) love song, beating even “Turning Japanese” by the Vapors.  I think what I love most about this song is how softly it starts with the great line “I want to cut you open, so I can see your blood”.  And it gets even more bizarre.  Who wouldn’t want to get to know the one they love better.  If you think it’s too creepy, just think of some of the “great” love songs with lines like, “I Want to feel you deep inside me”.  Telyscopes just goes a little further.  The thing is, they are also one of the most talented bands ever.  Like Frank Zappa, they might be goofy, but, for Apollo’s sake, they are so musical, you are going to sing along.  Keep the strangeness coming.

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