Masta Of Ceremoniez Brings the Lyrical Heat


If you were to look up West Coast Rap and underground hip hop in the dictionary you might find a picture of Masta Of Ceremoniez. The New Mexico native is a veteran in the hip hop game and a member of the talented hip group Shield Enforcers. Very few rappers can hold their own on a song with a lyrical legend like Chino Xl. I caught up with the mic controller after meeting him on the “Red Cup Tour 2017”.

You’ve got a cool video with Chino Xl how did that collaboration come about?

So we got in contact with a good friend of ours out in California and A&R extraordinaire for RBC Records and we reached out to him and he put us in contact with Chino. We decided to do a song together initially and then it turned into a video. The response has been great.

Growing up in New Mexico what was that experience like and how did you get exposed to hip hop?

Growing up in New Mexico their wasn’t many local hip hop artists. Our city we don’t have any artists that made it out to the mainstream. We would get our hip hop through BET, Rap City, Yo MTV Raps, Source Magazine, just word of mouth, the area I grew up in its an Air Force base so you have people coming from all areas exposing the locals to hip.

What is the hip hop scene like in New Mexico?

Strong, independent, very prideful local scene. lot of support from the local artists. We definitely have a strong scene, very underground based. Lot of show and a lot of artists from different areas come through.

Your in a group called the Shield Enforcers, how did you meet Pro the Leader and who else is in the group or affiliates?

The Shield Enforcers is myself, Pro the Leader, and the producer Scarecrow. I have a partner here in Albuquerque and we promote shows a bought a show with C-Rayz-Walz and the American Poets 2099. Me and Pro met at that show and kept a relationship based off that show and decided to do a song here and there and eventually started into doing a 12 inch single that we wanted to do and that turned into a whole complete album and a group.

Tell me about the Shield Enforcers new album Crash Course?

The album dropped February 3 on Thrice Great Records we have digital and retail distribution so its out there for the world and its on all the streaming websites. That album Pro and I took about four years to complete that album. We have some great features such as Craig G, Chino XL, Tash from the Alkaholiks. Very dope album and completely produced by Scarecrow.

Any plans to release a solo project in the future?

Hopefully that’ll be done this summer. Looking for a home for it. Currently I am working on it. I’ve got different producers. Features from Tash of the Alkaholiks and I’m in talk for a collaboration with Kool Keith.

I met you on the Red Cup Tour in Salt Lake City, any upcoming show dates?

So I’m in another group called the Bandit Lords and we have a show May 19th in Albuquerque with Esham The last date on the “Red Cup Tour” is tomorrow in Phoenix.

Whats next for Master of Cermoniez?

I’m preparing this EP and after I finish it I’m doing more shows, more tours, selling more merch. Whatever door of opportunity opens I’m going through it.

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