INTERVIEW: With Matt Weston – The U Project

Matt Weston

AudioFuzz sat down with Matt Weston from The U Project and had a great conversation with him.  What a great guy.

1.  I know you were tired of never hearing music that really fit you.  How does this project fill that void for you?

Between having been a DJ for years and replaying the same music that everyone loves of the 80’s and 90’s, the constant repetition was becoming toxic to myself. I started to not enjoy any of the music and found it harder to connect on an emotional and intellectual level with it. It felt like a cavity had been created although this gave me a drive and a reason create my own music. Most of the issues brought into lyrical play of older tracks might of had a similar message but it wasn’t completely able to voice the opinions I have currently.

2.  Do you think gay musicians need to be leaders in the LGBTQIA community?  Or should the music speak for itself?

Being openly pansexual, I feel that those who fit within the realm of the LGBTQIA community that are musicians or performers, do have a responsibility to themselves and to their audiences to correlate a message. I’m not specifically saying they need to focus on a political agenda or everything that do has to relate to present issues, but musicians, performers, and actors in our society are seen as high profile role models. They should take into consideration that their voice is being heard, their presence felt, and understand the impact they have by the image they portray. It is no different than saying that “every vote counts”, every voice counts too. At this present point in time, an explosion of queer culture is starting to surface even into the main stream. With everyone looking to redefine concepts of identity and individuality, as musicians, we should be very conscious about both the positive and negative aspects of what we share.

3.  How much fun was this video to do?  It looks you guys had a blast.  Are you going to tour?  and who does your hair?  (Sorry, I just love your look)

This was a bit of an insane rush to do but it was a great time! I was honored to work with such a wonderful team on short notice. As a freelance videographer I had worked with Brian Hand (director of Digital Throne) on numerous projects and music videos for other clients. He has an eye for camera work that contrasts well with mine and I knew he could be able to help me portray the raw performance style of our band. Jill Hart, an amazing photographer, was able to provide a really cool studio space and took the promotional shot for the single release. Both Tom and Sarah were absolutely supportive and understanding, throughout my slight need to micro manage everything (since I’m use to directing shoots). As for my hair, our makeup and hair stylist was done by the talented Amanda Lynn. In terms of touring, this will likely coincide with our next EP release.

4.  Playing live or studio, which is more fun?

Both playing live and in studio have their own flavors which makes it difficult to define which is more fun. In studio, you get to experience the birth of a new creation. Having the intimacy of collaborating with my band mates and guest musicians creates a wonderful connection. You get to dive into their heads and be able to understand them beyond the superficial and sometimes creates a bond that will last indefinitely. As for playing live, that’s another story. The interaction and mutual participation of an audience creates a world of its own. I’ve honestly never enjoyed the spotlight as most of my work has been behind the camera or stage, but the experience is still a thrill. To be able to share our thoughts, dreams and nightmares with complete strangers and having them reciprocate the emotions is overwhelming.

5.  Anything else you want to share?  Is there going to be a CD?

Well, there have been a lot of people asking what genre or style of music the band fits into and it has been hard to give a concrete answer. Generally I say its alternative rock and electronic. I may have a “dark alternative” / gothic appearance both on and off stage but I find music terminology to be limiting. In our culture, I believe that we hold onto definitions so hard that we forget the basic principal of purely creating our own identity or definitions. This is a two way system since it combines not only how we view ourselves but how others view us and articulate that opinion. I am influenced by varying degrees of musicians from The Smashing Pumpkins to Depeche Mode to The Prodigy and David Bowie and so many others. Each band member comes from a different perspective of musical interests and thus helps us create our own sound.  The great news is that all the recordings are almost done for our upcoming EP release. I don’t have a set date for the release but we are in studio getting everything mixed and adding the final touches on the audio side. This is a concept EP that has an over arching story through the music pieces and will also have a multimedia representations as well. Especially being a visual artist before auditory,I write a lot of my music based on what I would see in directing my own movies. There are a few production outlines for additional music videos however I might try to put together a short film with multiple tracks, in essence, a short rock musical. I really can’t wait to share this art piece and I will definitely keep you posted as to when a date is set. We already have in motion our first album too, but that is a tad bit down the line.

6.  Finally, if you were a wild animal, what would you be?  I’d be a wolf or a 3-toed sloth.

I’ve always had a soft spot for felines but I could easily see myself being a black panther. I find this creature incredibly majestic. Naturally speaking they are one of the most feared predators in the animal kingdom yet they have no ability to roar. They are quiet and cautious, nocturnal night hunters. Panthers also tend to be solitary and are not frequently seen by humans in their natural habitat. Some people refer to them as “ghosts of the forests”. However, they are being bitterly destroyed through the destruction of their habitat and poaching. As a feline, panthers can be playful and adorable too but the only reason why people know this is due to cell phone cameras and Youtube. Need I say more?

-drops mic and runs away from cell phones-

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