Mr Vegas is a Soul Therapist

Jamaican dancehall artist Mr. Vegas is an iconic artist. One of his biggest hits was the 1998 single “Heads High”. In his early days in Jamaica Mr. Vegas had a reputation as a troublemaker but he has recommitted himself to being a better person. He has a new album out called Soul Therapy with music that has a higher vibration and is reggae inspired but also connects on a spiritual level. With work like this you can’t help but draw comparisons to another Jamaican singer-songwriter Bob Marley. The simple melodies of the songs on this project will surely propel Mr. Vegas to that type of plane. With his fan base now mostly grown adults since his hit “Heads High”. This project is sure to connect with the issues many people are currently facing globally.

What were some of the early obstacles you faced in your career?

Obstacles are going to be there. I pay less attention to the obstacles because I’m going to get over them. Whatever is trying to slow me down or trying to stop me I just focus on the solution.

Your 1998 hit song “Heads High” is anti-oral sex, what was the inspiration behind that song?

My nieces came from school one day and told me about a girl that got caught giving a guy head in class. I then told them to hold their heads high and work hard for what they want.

In 2008 you retired from music what was the reason behind that decision?

I tried to walk away from what I was doing, not from music. Music is life, so I can’t walk away from life. Even if your not playing music or singing music, music is going to be there wherever you are, it’s gonna be in your system. I was having issues with the people around me, I felt there was not enough genuine love. I tried to walk away but it didn’t happen because “I Am Blessed” came out and I was in high demand.

Why did you decide to call the project Soul Therapy?

The world we noe live in, needs some soul therapy. The government is failing us, the people who are suppose to protect us, is failing us. What other source do we have at this junction in our lives? We have tried money, fame, and we are still losing. You go to the airport and have to be worried about someone setting off a bomb. I’ve travelled the world and have been through airports that terrorist terrorized. This album is gonna let people know that if something should happen God forbid, at least they have the hope and faith of being in a better place. You can’t say nothing is gonna happen, we have seen things happening before our very eyes.

What would be your advice for aspiring artists?

Be yourself and do music from your heart. Do music that when you listen back to that song or album or whatever you did, 10 years from now you can say I didn’t make an ass of myself, I didn’t sell myself cheap just because I wanted a break so bad. Just do music from your heart.

Whats next for Mr. Vegas?

Touring the world. Doing music that makes people happy. I don’t want to force anything on anyone. I just want to let people feel the joy from this album.

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