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A Rising Star: Matt LeGrand – “12:00 AM”

  • August 5, 2018
  • 1 min read
A Rising Star:  Matt LeGrand – “12:00 AM”

Matt LeGrand

“12:00 AM”

Coming from Chicago, Matt LeGrand grew up with a variety of instruments.  Like most kids, he had fun playing around until he realized he was great at singing, songwriting, and playing with those said instruments.  And we, as listeners, are so glad he did.  LeGrand has a great voice and great looks.  He even has a huge female fanbase called The Legrand Girls.  He’s young, he can deliver (his voice is so much better than his contemporaries), he is tremendous live, he’s a hard worker, and he has talent to spare.  With credentials like that, LeGrand is going to be a star.  Hop on the train.  This is one talent that really is worth it.

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