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Alt Rock At Its Best: November Loop – “Fuel For The Baffling Fire”

  • September 3, 2017
  • 2 min read
Alt Rock At Its Best:  November Loop – “Fuel For The Baffling Fire”

November Loop

“Fuel For The Baffling Fire”

November Loop

Coming from that great metropolis of Youngstown, Ohio, November Loop is a kick-ass, alternative band that is so unbelievably tight and amazing.   Comprised of Ed(Sarge) Villabona-Guitars/Vocals, Chip Taylor-Guitars/Vocals, Jill Harrison-Bass, Matt Celio-Keyboard/Bass, and Bill Griffith-Drums, this is alt music like it should side.  Of course, these guys were raised in the correct atmosphere.  Sarge’s sister, Jackie, was one of Youngstown’s original punks, so you can say it runs in the family.  Here is their description of their music:

In the beginning, as Ancient Astronauts Theorists suggest, The Loop was created with a big cosmic explosion of dark matter and pot pies. Heating up to 135 degrees, sonic vibrations were created and interacted with rhythm and time. Once cooling to 72 degrees, solidforms grew to what you see today.

November Loop formed in 1999 with a little different line-up that’s evolved a little throughout the years. The original line-up was Ed(Sarge), Chip, Jill & Alan Brooks on drums. Since then Matt Celio joined on keyboards & fills in on Bass when Jill is unable to play & Matt Leicht plays drums.

This band really blows me away.  If you’re around the Youngstown/Kent/Akron area and they’re playing anywhere near, go see them.  They are super powerful.

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