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Autoyatch – “All Inclusive”

  • July 20, 2021
  • 1 min read

Autoyatch – “All Inclusive”

Autoyatch, a band from Oslo, Norway, has this great sound.  According to their bio:

Autoyacht is engaged in providing mid-tempo grooves and guitar licks reminiscent of sunsets and palm trees.

This is true.  Autoyatch is mellow without being boring.  The guitar riffs are riveting and compelling.  The vocals are slightly washed out, as if the gentle waves of the sea have been lapping slowly around the tapes, slowing taking those vocals out to sea on the neap tide, gentle and noninvasive.  Simply put, this is stunning dreampop of the pinnacle of talent. The band is comprised of Jonas Gabriel Berg, Frida Marie Berg, Håvard Harbu Bergskaug, Sondre Fredrikstad, and Gulliver Cobden-Bradshaw.

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