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CocoRosie’s Beautifully-Disturbing Song “Child Bride”

  • December 31, 2013
  • 1 min read

Tales of a Grass Widow
“Child Bride”

Child Bride by CocoRosie is a beautifully-disturbing song about the marriage of a five year old girl to an older man who takes her away from her home. In fact, her whole family deserts her. Some of the lyrics are “the man with the black hat will take me home tonight. I wash my body, five years grown. Promised father, leave me alone.” The plaintive refrain of “family waiting, Hope not to lonely” is song in the background throughout the song, as well as “I am a good grass widow.” Bianca and Sierra Casady, the two sisters who make up CocoRosie, have completely different voices. Bianca talks/sings the songs (in fact, her faux baby talk works well in this song) while Sierra has an operatic soprano that rises clear above the music. The music on “Child Bride” is very straightforward for CocoRosie, which helps the emotional musing of the title character.

5 Stars on the FUZZscale!

-Phil King

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