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Blues For Hot Summer Nights: Skunkmello – “Cardboard Box Disguise”

  • June 26, 2016
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“Cardboard Box Disguise”

Hot Chicken

You like your rock ‘n’ roll down and dirty?  You want to sweat on the dance floor then knock back a couple whiskey and waters (or just straight whiskey)?  Skunkmello is that band.  They got that great sound that just pours honkeytonk all over your body.  This Leon Russell and Bonnie Raitt getting together and having a bunch of punks as kids.  You got Skunkmello.  This has to be the best description of Skunkmello ever, and it’s theirs.  “Sewer blues and gutter grooves for the barefooted and absent minded.”  I love it.  Get your whiskey ready, throw your shoes out the door, dance your ass off, and enjoy skunkmello.

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