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Danceable Pop Rock Is Here: Stone Cold Fox – “Contagion”

  • October 1, 2015
  • 2 min read

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Stone Cold Fox


Stone Cold Fox has dropped the new single “Contagion” from their untitled new EP, and WOW, it is a killer track.  It has that punch mixed with the pop sensibilities that we’ve all gotten used to from this great band, but, with Kevin Olken Henthorn’s haunting voice over the Keyboards/synths of Ariel Loh, and the backup of Aaron Hamel – Drummer, Graham Stone – Guitar, and Justin Bright – Bass, you have a song that burns into your head and does not go away, which in this case, is a wonderful thing.  As Stone Cold Fox says:

“Contagion is a song born out of the frustrations of conformity and trends that every musician has to struggle with and recognize. The song is a culmination of a two year journey to find our own musical identity that we can feel comfortable being in, like figuring out your first not awkward haircut. Musically we wanted to use familiar sounds and elements but arranged in an unfamiliar way, incorporating both the danceability of electronic music and the energy of rock and roll.”

In all matters, Stone Cold Fox have achieved their goal.  Although I missed their show in Pittsburgh (damn work and the need to make money), the word on the street is that they seriously kicked ass.  I cannot wait for their new EP to drop.  If it is anything like “Contagion”, it will be worth the wait.  Watch out all you poseurs out there; the really pop/rock gods have been revealed and their name is Stone Cold Fox.

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