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The New Warhol House Band: Def GRLS – “Fingerless Lady”

  • October 1, 2015
  • 1 min read

def. Girls


“Fingerless Lady”


Out of the dark, twisted minds of Craig Martinson, Mark Brickman (bass, vocals) and Hannah Teeter (drums), boyhood friend and girlfriend, come Def.GRLS.  Musically superb, like everything that Martinson does, this EP sounds like Pink Floyd set themselves up as the house band for Andy Warhol’s Factory.  It is an acid trip through the mind of Candy Darling and Ultra Violet.  There is a campiness throughout the EP that doesn’t interfere with the serious musicianship here.  Martinson is a genius, a fucking genius.  This is the most fun I’ve had for awhile.  How you can get this production quality and have so much fun at the same time is unbelievable.  I’ve been trying to picture how you would dress to attend a Def. GRLS’ show, and I cannot think.  All I know, this EP is an acid trip/Experience.  Little Joe is still alive, too bad Lou is gone.  Andy Walhol would approve.  Oh, one last thing, that guitar lead is so awesome.  Kicks more ass than most heavy metal bands.  I am in love.

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