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Kickass Power Rock: Sleepwalker – “Freak Show”

  • October 1, 2015
  • 1 min read




“Freak Show”


Holy Hell


After 10 seconds of creepy vocals saying “It’s All A Freak Show”, the new single by Sleepwalker kicks in, and when it kicks it, your ass is out of your chair, bopping along.  This is a great single from a great band.  Landing dates on Warped Tour and completing national tours, Sleepwalker have played shows with a slew of notable artists.  No doubt, Sleepwalker kicked those shows into a higher gear with their incredible power rock sound that reminds you of the best of 90’s hard rock while being something completely new.  Sleepwalker reminds me of Ned’s Automatic Dustbin with a heavier guitar sound.  This is a great band worthy of more attention.  Check them out.


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