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Darkness Revealed: Crooked Ghost – “Sinew In Red”

  • August 18, 2019
  • 1 min read
Darkness Revealed:  Crooked Ghost – “Sinew In Red”

Crooked Ghost

“Sinew In Red”

My favorite post punk/dream pop band is back, and they are darker than ever.  “Sinew In Red” sounds as if Joy Division recorded in the dank alley in the backstreets of Hell’s Kitchen incorporated all your nightmares into their sound.  These guys really are the best.  Coming from Asheville, NC, Crooked Ghost is comprised of Ray Clark, Chris Saldin, Jon Wyatt, Charles Reed, and Alex Cannon, and, not to shatter the illusion, these are the nicest guys I’ve ever dealt with.  Their music is dark, dense, beautiful, the stuff that sounds best at three in the morning (my favorite time), that time of new beings and the end of the bad.  Crooked Ghost and I both agree nighttime is when the real colors of the day show up, and in their music, they should you a new world, darker but clearer than the one you’re used to.  Come back to Pittsburgh.  Oh, their new EP drops in September.

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