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Do Not Stand By That Man: Rose Villain – “Get The Fuck Out Of My Pool”

  • July 28, 2016
  • 1 min read

rose villain

Rose Villain

“Get The Fuck Out Of My Pool”

Rose Villain is a singer and songwriter from Milan, Italy (where she is signed to the label, The Machete), now based in New York City.  Horror enthusiast and fashion devotee, her eclectic interests infuse poetry, criminology and natural catastrophes into her witty lyrics and moody vocals. Her music is a catchy cocktail that fuses alternative-pop sounds with hip-hop beats and an electronic slant. I truly love this song.  If you like Lana del Rey, you’ll love Rose Villain.  While del Rey will do anything for her man, Villain will him in his place if he keeps fucking around on her.  What adds some incredible depth to the song is the drumming is live played with Berbers in the Sahara of Morocco.  What a great song, what a great voice, what a great creation.

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