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Dreams Are Made Of: Minihorse – “Blueblack”

  • August 30, 2016
  • 2 min read
Photo Cred:Katie Neumann
Photo Cred:Katie Neumann



Big Lack

Minihorse is an interesting band of self-proclaimed introverts from Ypsilanti, Michigan.  Made up of guitarist/vocalist Ben Collins, bassist Christian Anderson, and drummer John Fossum, their new album, Big Lack, drops this November 11th.  When describing the single. “Blueblack”, the band had this to say,

It feels cliché anymore to talk about something being a “fever dream,” but this song was actually that. The chords and melody came all at once out of a high fever that kept me home from work one week. Actually, some of the lyrics were in there too. This is the single time I can truthfully say I vomited out a song. It has the anatomy of a love song, but our object of affection is a hazy figure we can’t quite make out, dressed all in black. After some mental gymnastics, we find ourselves accepting this new love, feeling placid about the journey ahead.”  

The song is beautiful and very complex.  This is a band worth watching and listening to.  I love this description of the band.  It really catches them better than I can.  “Minihorse’s genetic inheritance is a recombination of bedroom transistor wizards like Bob Pollard, cruising guitar rock into the outer valences of space in a shit-can convertible, and the brandied humor of Evan Dando and Alex Chilton, approaching the void with a pack of cigarettes.”  Definitely getting into this band.

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