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Dreams Nightmares Are Made Of: Vivid Dreams – “Alpha & Omega”

  • December 7, 2015
  • 1 min read

vivid dreams2 Vivid Dreams

“Alpha & Omega”

Terror In The Rays

Vivid Dreams is the real life hallucination born out of the consciousness of Nicholas Bush, NYC-based guitarist and songwriter.  If you were to throw The Breeders and Sonic Youth into a blender, add a little Foxygen and a touch of Syd Barrett and Neil Young, you get Vivid Dreams.  Bush is a genius; his song is so very beautiful.  This is a song for a dreamer like me.  Nicholas Bush, the band’s mastermind, says:

I grew up in Boston idolizing The Pixies, who loom pretty large over the city’s musical history. Similar to the origins of Black Francis and company, Vivid Dreams was formed on campus, after I shipped out west to attend UMass Amherst; the project ultimately emerged hardened from the sweaty petri dish of the Pioneer Valley DIY indie scene, and then it headed south to the warehouses of Brooklyn.”

Vivid Dreams is one of the great musical happenings to come along.  The give and play of guitar and vocals, all in that beautiful DIY lo-fi production.  I love this music, this song, this man.  Nicholas Bush is an obvious musical genius.

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