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Driven Dream Pop: Bandit – “Losing In A Sense”

  • December 6, 2015
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“Losing In A Sense”

Of Life

Based in Nashville, Bandit is Angela Plake – Vocals, Guitar; Dan Bishop- Guitar; and Charles Milller – Drums.  They make very laid back, beautiful, ethereal music similar to a female led Sigur Ros.  With a nod to Mazzy Star, Bandit has a much harder sound with a production that really brings Blake’s vocals to the forefront.  This is definitely a band that has something to say.  Listen to them.  Stereogum says they will be huge, and I agree with them.  Perfect winter late night music.  Their album, Of Life, is filled to the brim with great music. The thing that really stands out is the interplay of guitars and drums.  I wouldn’t be surprised if a Grammy was thrown their way.  They are that good.  Below is the track listening of their new album, Of Life.  Listen and enjoy.

  1. The Drive Home
  2. Brain
  3. Pushing
  4. Losing In A Sense
  5. Forgetting Days
  6. Through The Glass
  7. Where Is My Mind
  8. Dragon
  9. Of Life

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