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Eclectic Storytelling: The Electric Arch – “Postcards To Celeste”

  • October 13, 2019
  • 1 min read

The Electric Arch

“Postcard To Celeste”

Out Of Range

There is a cinematic eclecticism in The Electric Arch’s music.  The Electric Arch is based out of Chateau St. Philippe in Bayou St. John, New Orleans. The live version of the band includes James Marler, T-Rey Cloutier and Sir Alex Smudge Smith. Drummer and surf guru Ron Bocian plays with the band on the West Coast while Mr. Binkles the Spider Monkey covers Deep South gigs.  The songs were greatly influenced by the old double shotgun house they produced the album at with vintage production equipment to give the record this other-worldly, other time feel.  The only bands I can think of that are even close in sound are The Mountain Goats and Neutral Milk Hotel.  You must listen to this interesting bad.  I never take them off my play list.

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