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Funky Dance: WNT-AL-N – “Way Out”

  • January 28, 2018
  • 2 min read
Funky Dance:  WNT-AL-N – “Way Out”


“Way Out”

How funky can you get.  WNT-AL-N, pronounced “Went All In,” is an abundance of talent that can’t be boxed. From his diverse musical palate to his fashion flare and dance skills, his name encompasses it all.  Calling the world home, WNT-AL-N is a master of the dance track and also one of the most fun artists since Deee-Lite.  His bio says it best:

Having moved over 30 times in his young life and calling Hong Kong, Atlanta, Denver, Tokyo and Singapore home at different points, this multi-talent creative sponged up all the cultures he encountered and brilliantly merges all these elements into his mix. Evading the genre trappings like his eccentric musical peers Lady Gaga, CeeLo and Andre 3000, WNT-AL-N explains,

“As long as its jamming and people dig it, they can call me whatever. It’s hard to put your finger on soul. I’m a reflection of mankind and Earth is my platform. Music is an art that’s for all. It’s not bound by color, creed, etc… It’s human nature and that’s what I tap into.”

WNT-AL-N is a treasure.  The dance floors will be packed when this tune is played, I guarantee it.

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