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Great Prog Band: Gone Quite Mad – “Neptune”

  • February 7, 2016
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Gone Quite Mad

Gone Quite Mad



This is a great prog rock song by a great prog rock band.  They remind me King Crimson with Adrian Belew on vocals.  As lead singer, Chris Gesualdi says:

“‘Neptune’ tells a story of courtship within a future space context,” adding, “The main character would like to take a partner out to a sporting event (“Neptune Chariot Race” – a futuristic take on what auto-racing could potentially evolve to hundreds of years down the road in far away lands) – teach them the rules, get swept up in the excitement of the event, etc. I like how the lyrics lean into the aspects of the future (the concept of “hovering”, the reference to old people holding hands – as if the generation in the story doesn’t even necessarily have hands – let alone hold them, the reference to a space sport that doesn’t yet exist) while having contemporary relevance to how courtship occurs today.”

Comprised of Christopher Gesualdi (vocals), Nicholas Pascarella (guitar), Joe Kruse (bass) and Steve Remp (drums), Gone Quite Mad began developing as early as 2005, when the core members met at Virginia’s James Madison University.  From there, they first called themselves Octavius, and then they got their new name.  And Gone Quite Mad is quite mad in a great way.  I love Prog music.  And this is the great Prog music.  Thanks guys.

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