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Perfect Pop: Panic Is Perfect – “Go Go Go”

  • February 7, 2016
  • 2 min read

panic is perfect

Panic Is Perfect

“Go Go Go”


You want perfect alternative pop music.  Panic Is Perfect (not a misnomer at all) is that band.  From the beginning “french vocal loops” to the ending violins, “Go Go Go” is a perfect song, seriously.  I love this song so much.

The “panic” in Panic Is Perfect has a lot more to do with adrenaline than it does with anxiety. From the very first notes of the band’s debut full-length, Cellspace, out on Strange Loop Records, there’s a sense of urgent wonder that drives the unique, eclectic and undeniably accessible songs. Each of the 11 tracks has an indisputable energy, but unlike everyday pop songs they feature an impressive array of international influences and surprising sounds—from vibraslaps to french vocal loops —that make for exciting, inspiring and truly multifaceted music.

 A good deal of Panic Is Perfect’s complex sound comes out of the experiences of the group’s founders, Mike Hoffman and Jeremy Belzer who’ve crisscrossed the globe, making music from Ghana to Thailand, Korea, China and beyond. Indeed, the band initially formed while Hoffman and Belzer were in Southern India and continued when the pair—multi-instrumentalists, songwriters and producers who met at their Los Angeles music school—reunited in the San Francisco Bay Area. Filling out the band is Ty Parker on drums, Joey Hassid on synth and David Monzon on guitar.  This is a tremendously great great band.  I was just blown away.  I have literally been dancing around all day, ready to “Go Go Go”.  Thanks guys.  This made my day (with the Steelers not playing the Super Bowl, I needed this upper).  Catch them.  They remind me of Sugarcult, Silversun Pickups or, in a weird way, Blur.  Maybe because those are three of my favorite bands, and Panic Is Perfect is my new fav.

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