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Guitar Player/Songwriting Supreme: Cian Nugent – “Lost Your Way”

  • December 10, 2015
  • 1 min read

Cian Nugent

Cian Nugent

“Lost Your Way”

Night Fiction

For all you guitar fans, listen to the intricate picking styles of Cian Nugent.  He has this great country/Americana voice with some of the most interesting guitar playing I’ve ever heard.  Night Fiction is Cian Nugent’s third album but his first taking on the role of singer-songwriter. Where his previous two albums: 2013’sBorn With The Caul and 2011’sDoubles saw him exploring extended guitar-based instrumentals with his band, The Cosmos, here he has reigned things in and focused his songwriting skills. Guitar fans, do not fear, there is still plenty of soloing and fingerpicking here. With 7 songs both solo and with his band, this album amalgamates everything Cian has done up to this point and reveals a more broad palate of influences, including The Velvet Underground, Richard Thompson, Television, Neil Young, John Lennon, Fred Neil, etc.  I really love Nugent.  His guitar playing reminds me of Peter Buck or Roy Clark, and that is a great complement.  If you love great songwriting and great guitar playing, Cian Nugent is the guy for you.

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