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Innocence And Joy: Adam Lempel – “Don’t Know Why”

  • December 10, 2015
  • 1 min read

adam Lembel

Adam Lempel

“Don’t Know Why”

Still Life

Adam Lempel is amazing.  This song, “Don’t Know Why” is one of the most fun songs I’ve heard for a while.  There is a scampish, Sparks-like innocence to this songs.  As a member of the Baltimore noise/DIY rock band, Weekends, Lempel was getting ready for a European tour in 2011, when he ended up in the hospital with pneumothorax – a hole in his lung. While recovering from surgery, Lempel decided that now was the time to take the kind of music he always wanted to write.  The music that Lempel writes is so nice and fun, very innocent.  Baltimore raised, Amsterdam based, Lempel is so much fun.  This is the song that needed to be created.  Thank you, Adam.

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