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HEAR: jhs – “Jungle Juice”

  • April 11, 2015
  • 1 min read



“Jungle Juice”

jhs (Justin Hunter Scott) received his Masters degree in African studies from Yale University in 2013.  After that, he turned to music combining his love of neo-traditional African music with contemporary pop/house music.  jhs comes up with a sound that plainly his own.  He releases his music on his own label — Kelewele Records (“plantains” in the Twi language from Ghana).  He says that he is using the traditional African music he studied and intertwining this original sound into comtemporary pop music.  I love this juxtaposition.  It takes you to completely foreign land, not American, not African, I’m not sure it’s even earthly.  Taj Mahal will love this combo.

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