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Hear – The Black Atlas –

  • November 9, 2014
  • 1 min read

black atlas


The Black Atlas

“The Other”

The Other

You know those nightmares we all suffer from: the creatures under the bed, in the closet, just out of your reach and your control.  Well, here is the sound track for that dream.  Peter Koronios, central figure/vocalist/instrumentalist, spent 8 months teaching himself  guitar, bass, and piano. Koronios, known under moniker The Black Atlas, completed all performances on the recording himself, except for a few collaborations with Jesse Clasen (HRVRD, The Bear Romantic).  Koronios must have also spent time reading Dracula, HR Lovecraft, and the other masters of the macabre.  This is an exceptionally frightening and beautiful piece of music.  But I love my nightmares.  Now I know to whom to listen.  WOW


The Black Atlas

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