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Interview – Swanky Tiger

  • November 10, 2014
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swanky tigers

New York, NY) NYC-based hard rock band Swanky Tiger releases the first single, “Empires,” from their debut album, out 1/6/2015. Embracing complicated arrangements and orchestrations while still retaining that hard rock vibe, “Empires” was mastered at NYC’s legendary Cutting Room Studios, whose roster includes highly acclaimed artists such as Prince, We Are Augustines, and Iggy Pop.


1.  The normal first question, guys.  Where and when did you meet, and when did you decide that you wanted to play together?      We met at a snooty little boarding school way out in the barren wastelands of Connecticut. We were essentially the only moderately cool people there, so we decided to form a rock band, naturally. Connor is a brandy new addition, though, and Deez found him at college.2.  Who are some of your major influences?

As a band, probably The Stooges, Nirvana, The Beatles, The Strokes, Queens Of The Stone Age, Led Zeppelin. Stuff like that, I’ll say.

3.  Who do you listen to now?  When you’re not touring or just relaxing, who do you put on?

I listen to The Rolling Stones a lot, and I love Guns N’ Roses. Will likes Royal Blood, this I know. Deez likes Dethklok, and I don’t even really know what Connor’s hearing at the moment. We’re all over the place.

4.  How would you categorize your music?

The easy answer would be “hard rock,” but Swanky Tiger music is really just Swanky Tiger music. We play what evah we want!

5.  Do you prefer playing live or studio work?

Personally I like playing live the best, but thats really contingent upon whether the whole vibe of the night is agreeable or not. I love recording too, though, especially when we get the masters back and can blast them from some monstrous speaker system and hear ourselves in a fancy way, or when we can play around with sexy bass synths.

6.  Do you write as a group, or as individuals?

I used to write alone a lot, but now we almost exclusively write as a group, as thats really the point of having a band. Collaboration, you know.

7.  Are there any deep, dark secrets that you want to reveal first here?

Well, I’ve got a tattoo of a shark on my foot, I’d never eaten a cherry until about a fortnight ago, and I don’t like Star Wars. But none of those are really secrets. Honestly, If we had any actual band secrets do you really think we’d say them in an interview!? Naaaaw.

8.  When are you playing in Pittsburgh?  Pittsburghers talk funny, but we love to rock.

Probably after the record comes out in January. Or at your birthday party if you pay us enough and give us fun brownies. Either way, we’re coming for you.

9.  Any thing that I didn’t ask that you’d like to share?

This. Isn’t it great? Its a melon-collie…get it? Lololol

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