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HEAR: The U Project – “Revolution” ft. Psychic Corporation

  • April 23, 2015
  • 1 min read

the U Project

The U Project

“Revolution” ft. Psychic Corporation

The U Project

How can you not love a band that advertises itself with the tag of “Queers, geeks, and freaks, join the revolution!”  This is a great song, a tremendously great song.  Everything that I have heard by The U Project blows me away.

The U Project is a rock, electronic, orchestral fusion band with a dark alternative edge that represents an ongoing collaborative creative force of music, art, and performance. Matt Weston heads the project with Tom Voytek, producing, composing, collecting featured musicians and performers, and art direction.  Featured Artists include: Madalaine Ripley (Violin) and Psyche Corporation (Vocals).  As Matt says, “I’m done with all the cis / hetero music that doesn’t represent who I am.”  I so agree.  If you love industrial punk like I do, this is the band for you.  I just feel so lucky to stumble unto them.  JOIN THE REVOLUTION!!!!

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