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Intellectual Rock: Bat House – “Yarn”

  • February 5, 2017
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Bat House


Bat House

Bat House is truly one of the more interesting bands out there.  They sound like no one else, and that is good.  They are a perfect example of “Math Rock”, as they make amazing music that continually changes structure in the middle, sounding like that the song may head to anarchy, but always pulling back from the brink.  They remind me of the mathematical figure ‘i’ ( Square root of -1).  They exist, but you can’t explain them.  Due out April 14, 2017, the band recorded the self-produced LP at Converse’s Rubber Tracks studio in downtown Boston. The Deli Magazine raves, Bat House are  “the aural equivalent of kaleidoscopic jigsaw pieces from various puzzles that somehow seamlessly fit together– a complex sonic patchwork of shifting rhythmic structures,[and] metered grooves.” The unbound nature of free form expression cultivated in Boston’s DIY basement community brought Bat House together.  This is intellectual music at its best, which makes Bat House one of my favorite bands out there.

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