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INTERVIEW: James Jacket of Punk Band Les Baton Rouge

  • February 12, 2014
  • 2 min read

How did you guys meet?
James Jacket – Well, the band was conceived by me and my Sister (Suspiria Franklyn). So we know each other since ever. The other members were friends in high school.

How long have you been together?
James – Since 1998 although the band formation has changed a lot. It has always been me on the bass guitar and Suspiria on Vocals and guitar.

Who are your main influences?
James – We always loved the Punk, Post-Punk thing as well as New Wave. We are influenced by our own lives and art in general.

How does your music feel?
James – To us? Definitely cathartic.

What do you like more, touring and playing live or recording?
James – We love both. I love the sensation whenI feel that a song is finished and we are happy with the result, even though performing live is even more emotional.

How do you write your songs and what process do you use to decide what goes your CD?
James – Every song started with some melodies coming from me or Suspiria but it´s a democratic process, everyone brings their own input to the songs. Suspiria is the one who usually comes out with the lyrics.

That’s it, Phil. Another important thing is the fact that me and Suspiria are starting a different band, just me and her in it. It has some element of electronica as well as guitars. It’s called Kinetic Glass.

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