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Ivy Boy – “Fantasma”

  • June 5, 2021
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Ivy Boy

Ivy Boy, a great queer pop star from Chile, has released a new song, Fantasma. This pop gem deals with the whole feeling of empower that the ending of a ghost relationship (one in which you feel that, throughout the relationship, you have been dancing with the ghost of an imaginary lover), and how ending that toxic relationship makes you a stronger person.

According to Ivy Boy’s bio:
“With metaphorical lyrics Ivy Boy addresses that relationship where he felt that most of the time he danced alone with a love that did not exist. In this way, Ivy puts on the table how important emotional responsibility is in a relationship: “In the first instance when I assimilated how bad it had been and that falling in love had me completely blind, I felt as if a bucket of freezing water fallen on my face, a reaction very similar to when you have asthma and can’t breathe… there were too many repressed and escaped feelings that wanted to manifest themselves ”. From this same experience the visual concept of the single was born. Inspired by the futuristic cyberpunk anime “Evangelion” and with a retro eighties look, it is like Abbighy (Sinay Morales) Venezuelan illustrator based in Chile, puts us in front of the feeling of Ivy after the love breakup and the internal strength that emerges at closing time(.), this cycle.”

Ivy has been slated to perform his urban pop throughout Chile for Pride events. Wearing his queerness on his sleeve, Ivy combines his pop sensibilities with an urban power, producing a very original dance sound that tugs at the heart strings. His long-awaited debut album will be released later this year.

His video for “Fantasma” is a beautiful video that demonstrates the empowering of breaking the bonds of a ghost relationship. Sung in Spanish, there is an option for English subtitles. For those unfamiliar with Spanish, use this option to dive into the beauty and complexity of the lyrics.

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