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Lush Beauty: Parrot Dream – “Light Goes (In Mines)”

  • July 15, 2018
  • 1 min read
Lush Beauty:  Parrot Dream – “Light Goes (In Mines)”
(photo credits: Stephanie Griffin)

Parrot Dream

“Light Goes (In Mines)”

Light Goes

What a beautiful, shimmering piece of music.  Like looking at multiple reflections in a mirror, Parrot Dream is as colorful and complex as the feathers of a parrot.  Formed by Christina Hansen Appel (vocals, keys) and Gonzalo Guerrero (guitar) in Santiago, Chile in 2013, the duo relocated to Brooklyn, NY.  Their debut is a lush jungle of sonic awesomeness described in the bio as a wonderful combination:

Appel’s hypnotic synths and wistful vocals meet Guerrero’s incendiary guitars sparking a fire that burns throughout the LP,

Fire is the beauty of this album.  Thank you, guys, for sharing this beautiful LP with us.

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