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Medieval Elvish Music: Gandalf’s Fist – “Winter’s Mourning”

  • December 3, 2017
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Medieval Elvish Music:  Gandalf’s Fist – “Winter’s Mourning”

Gandalf’s Fist

“Winter’s Mourning”

What a great band, in fact, Gandalf’s Fist is one of the best prog bands out there.  Comprised of Dean Marsh, Luke Severin, Stefen Hepe, Chris Ewen, Ben Bell, and Keri Farish, they have just created the best winter song ever. They start, depending on your point of view, with the golden era of Prog in the 1970s, the birth of English folk centuries before or, even in the time before time inhabited by Tolkien’s fantastical characters
… Often wondering what Tolkien himself would have to say about their rock-tinged creations, they surmised that, with a pint of Mead in hand, he would probably have said ; “Hell Yes!” And proceeded to rock his socks off!  This is the music that they would play in Rivendell.  The elves must have played this great music when they crossed the sea.  They are so tremendous.  Tune into these guys now.  Gandalf’s Fist might have started as a joke, but they are a serious band.  Think Rick Wakeman, Jon Anderson, and Jethro Tull, with a little Blackmore’s Night thrown in.

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